Convert Text to camelCase

This online tool quickly converts a string to camelcase. Simply paste or type your text for it instantly to be converted to camelcase. “For example!” to “forExample”.

How to Use the Text to Camel Case Tool

Simply type or paste your text in the box above to have it automatically converted to camelcase. This tool uses two fields so you can edit your original text and see the camelcase output in a separate field. This is useful for editing your camel case phrase since camel case removes spaces. Clicking copy will instantly copy the resulting camel case text to your clipboard.

What is Camelcase?

Formally known as medial capitals; camel case consists of capitalizing each word in a phrase without spaces. Typically the first letter is lowercase as well for example “My Words!” => “myWords”.

Camelcase is often used as a programming naming convention to make variable and function names more readable. Most notably Camelcase is popular for Javascript programming.