Online Replace Spaces with Hyphens Text Converter

Lowercase and replace spaces and symbols in text with this online tool. Perfect for converting URL slugs or formatting filenames. “For Example” to “for-example”.

Why Replace Space with Hyphens?

This tool is useful for removing capitalization, spaces and symbols from text for use as a URL slug or in file naming. For example it’s better to name a file “hawaii-vacation.jpg” rather than “Hawaii Vacation.jpg”. This tool will also remove extra spaces and condense it to a single dash.

How to Use the Replace Space with Hyphen Tool

Simple type or paste your text in the box above to have it automatically remove spaces and replace them with dashes.

What is URL Slug Format?

URL Slug format lowercases an entire string and adds dashes between all the words. These are typically used as permalinks in blogging platforms such as WordPress to improve SEO. Additionally this tool removes special characters to give you a clean URL slug. This is also referred to as param case.

This format is also known as dash case or kebab-case. It’s commonly used in HTML for URLs and image file names.